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About Thunderbird Pet Containment Electric Fence Kits

An extremely effective, yet safe pet deterrent system, that is unobtrusive and very flexible. Ideal for gardens, fences, ponds, aviaries and yards.

THUNDERBIRD Puts You In Control.
Control – animals digging up your garden
Control – your pets from wandering off
Control – pets climbing or jumping over fencing
Control – animals around fish ponds
Control – unwanted visitors to your aviary
Control – badly behaved pets

An extremely economical system costing only a few dollars a year to operate. This system uses a safety certified energiser of low power design, that will not harm your pets or humans. Thunderbird’s pet systems use low energy energisers – up to 200 times less power, than systems we supply the farming market, ensuring maximum safety.

Thunderbird pet kits are:
Safe – low powered energisers deliver very safe levels of energy
Fast, easy installation – can be set up in under 1 hour
Effective – the animals respect the fence, after only a few shocks
Quick training – the psychological barrier teaches pets fast
Low running costs – mains systems cost a few dollars of electricity
a year, and batteries last up to 3 months between charges.

Thunderbird’s pet kits have everything you need for ground barrier pet control up to 25 metres. Two kits are available for maximum flexibility: one mains powered, the other battery powered.

Mains Powered 25 metre Ground Containment Kit

Battery Powered 25 metre Ground Containment Kit

How does the Pet Electric Fence system work ?

Thunderbird pet systems use a small, and completely safe electrical shock. similar to a static charge from a vehicle. The animal touches the live wire (this wire is totally insulated from the ground) the high voltage safe pulse travels through the animals body, back to the earth stake—when the pet receives a small shock.

Caution: Ensure adequate supervision against young children playing with fence, fence could cause harm if prolonged entanglement situations.

Other applications – such as walls, fences, fish ponds, bird aviaries etc, can also be controlled with THUNDERBIRD’S extensive product range. Please browse our web site and see your local dealer for further assistance.

About Thunderbird Pet Containment Electric Fence Kits 1
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