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About Big Red Fencing

Big Red Fencing have been in the electric fence and agricultural game for many, many years combined. Our team have high levels of experience in a broad variety of fields that allow us to offer you the best advice, products, service and overall experience when it comes to ordering your electric fencing parts and supplies online.

We are always here to assist you with advice along any part of your electric fence journey and we would encourage you to contact us as soon as you need. If you are unsure of how to set up your electric fence or if you are unsure of the difference in a few closely matching electric fence products feel free to let us guide you.

We drive Big Red Fencing on the satisfaction of being able to assist and supply you with the best set up and product advice to suit your particular fencing needs. We aim to build long term customer relationships that lead us being at the top of their recommended list.

For our new customers please note: There are no silly or stupid electric fence questions. Some aspects of electric fencing are basic in principle, but having a full understanding of the overall concept and functions involved in an effective electric fence set up can be a complex subject that not everyone can understand in it’s entirety. That’s why we are here to help 😉 With  bit of guidance we can steer even the most novice or confused electric fencers toward the quickest way of understanding how an electric fence works and what products are going to suit their fencing needs best.

Reasons why you should shop with Big Red Fencing

  1. Years of experience in the electric fence industry
  2. Built Tough Secure Online Store
  3. VIP benefits for signed up members
  4. Australia and Pacific wide shipping
  5. Fair and honest prices.
  6. 100% Australian owned and operated business.
  7. We promote quality Australian made electric fence products from Aussie fencing suppliers
  8. Products for every budget and animal type

Years of experience in the electric fence industry

We have years of experience in both the use and sales of electric fences. We have seen and heard about electric fence requirements for every kind of customer, animal and situation. We pride ourselves on being able to direct our customers to the most cost effective and practical solution possible when selecting the right electric fence parts.

Built Tough Secure Online Store

  • Our online electric fence store is secured with the latest, constantly updated software
  • We strive to follow internet selling and privacy best practices so you can shop knowing all your information is kept safe and you are always covered if anthing goes wrong
  • With our secured payment gateways, all personal data is encrypted and stored only for the use of this website and its functions. It is deleted when requested or no longer required

VIP benefits for signed up members

Australia and Pacific wide shipping

  • We ship our electric fence products all over Australia and within the Pacific region.
  • We have access to warehouses all over Australia that stock the products you will need for your next fencing set-up.

Fair and honest prices.

  • We focus on promoting products that represent good value and quality for you and your hard earned money, quality electric fence products from reputable Australian brands.
  • We sell at fair and reasonable prices that support both consumers and suppliers. We dont push or try to pass off cheap products as being able to do the same job, it simply does not work like that. We also like our customers to recommend and visit us for years because they trust us to help with assisting the person they are trying to help .
  • We do not sell our electric fence components at super low crazy prices that ruin the electric fence industries quality of products and push industry jobs overseas. While we are more than happy to help with pricing for bulk deals and special promotions we take our industry and it’s people seriously.  Please don’t ask us too sell for nothing because we won’t back down.

100% Australian owned and operated business.

  • We are proudly 100% True Blue Aussie Owned and Operated.
  • We support other Australian based companies wherever and whenever possible.

We promote quality Australian made electric fence products from Aussie fencing suppliers

The electric fence products we supply are built for harsh Aussie conditions. Built and designed by companies that have tried and tested their electric fence parts out in the wide array of Australian environmental conditions.

Products for every budget and animal type

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