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About us

Who we are and where we’re from

Big Red Fencing are 100% Australian Owned and Operated suppliers of electric fence products and parts. We are situated in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. We stock, source and ship electric fence parts from warehouses, suppliers and manufacturers from all around Australia.

We’ve been around a while…

Big Red Fencing have been involved around the electric fence and agricultural Industries for many years combined. Our team have high levels of experience in a broad variety of complimentary fields that enable us to offer and assist you the with best advice, products, service and overall experience when the time comes to ordering your electric fencing parts and supplies online.

Big Red Fencing is driven by the satisfaction of being able to assist and supply you with the best set up and product advice to suit your particular electric fencing needs. We aim to build long term customer relationships that leads us to being at the top of your recommended electric fence suppliers list.

Big Red Fencing are here to help ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Big Red Fencing Team are always here to help and assist you with anything needed along any part of your electric fence journey.ย  We encourage you toย contact us as soon as required to see if we can assist you. If you are unsure of how to set up your electric fence or maybe unsure of the difference in a few closely matching electric fence products feel free to let us guide you.

Have a question you think is silly to ask?

No questions about how electric fence work are silly or stupid ones to ask. It’s quite the opposite! Electric fences can be complex in nature, however, in most situations only a basic understanding of how an electric fence system operates is required. We encourage you to ask any questions about electric fence parts or functions you just cant grasp. Sometimes understanding a simple electric fence part or function can make the difference between understanding or confusion of how an electric fence works and operates as a whole.

Withย  bit of quick guidance tailored to suit your needs, Big Red Fencing can easily help you find solutions or grasp the electric fence basics including understanding how an electric fence works and what products are going to suit your electric fencing needs best.

Why should you choose Big Red Fencing to buy your electric fence supplies online?

  1. Years of experience in the electric fence industry
  2. Built Tough Secure Online Store
  3. VIP benefits for signed up members
  4. Australia and Pacific wide shipping
  5. Fair and honest prices.
  6. 100% Australian owned and operated business.
  7. We promote quality Australian made electric fence products from Aussie fencing suppliers
  8. Products for every budget and animal type

Years of experience in the electric fence industry

We have years of experience in both the use and sales of electric fences. We have seen and heard about electric fence requirements for every kind of customer, animal and situation from back yards to game parks, zoos and wild life reserves. We pride ourselves on being able to direct our customers to the most cost effective and practical solution possible when selecting the right electric fence parts no matter what the situation.

Built Tough Secure Online Store

  • Our online electric fence store is secured with the latest, constantly updated software
  • We strive to follow internet selling and privacy best practices so you can shop knowing all your information is kept safe and you are always covered if anything goes wrong
  • With our secured payment gateways, all personal data is encrypted and stored only for the use of this website and its functions. It is deleted when requested or no longer required

VIP benefits for signed up members

There is more to come here but for now you can create a normal account by clicking on the my account links found on the home page. Let us know what you are in need of and we will help you out and keep you up to date with offers, sales and product updates when they become available.

Australia and Pacific wide shipping

  • We ship our electric fence products all over Australia and within the Pacific region. Some of our more popular customer centres are Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba, Tasmania, NSW, North QLD and South Australia. We also enjoy helping out our neighbours in places like Fiji, Vanuatu and New Zealand
  • We have access to warehouses, suppliers and electric fence manufacturers from all over Australia as well as world wide that can supply the electric fence parts and products you may need for your next electric fencing set-up.
  • We have shipped to many different places many different times. We use only trusted freight suppliers with a proven track record to deliver our goods on time to our customers. All shipments are trackable through our system and you can contact us at any time for any requests or changes to fright details.

Fair and honest prices.

  • We focus on promoting products that represent good value and quality for you and your hard earned money, quality electric fence products from reputable Australian brands.
  • We sell at fair and reasonable prices that support both consumers and suppliers. We dont push or try to pass off cheap products as being able to do the same job, it simply does not work like that. We also like our customers to recommend and visit us for years because they trust us to offer the best solution for their circumstances.
  • We do not sell our electric fence components at super low crazy prices that ruin the electric fence industries quality of products and push industry jobs overseas. While we are more than happy to help with pricing for bulk deals and special promotions we take our industry and it’s people seriously.ย  Please don’t ask us too sell for nothing because we won’t back down.

100% Australian owned and operated business.

  • We are proudly 100% True Blue Aussie Owned and Operated.
  • We support other Australian based companies wherever and whenever possible.

We promote quality Australian made electric fence products from Aussie fencing suppliers

The electric fence products we supply are built for harsh Aussie conditions. Built and designed by companies that have tried and tested their electric fence parts out in the wide array of Australian environmental conditions.

Products for every budget and animal type

If it’s electric fence related we can find a solution for it. From the smallest of pests, backyard vermin, pet and dog electric fencing to electric fences for hobby farms, big farms, big game, zoos and wild life reserves we have found solutions for all customers and animals big and small from around the world. So if it’s for animal containment or exclusion, large or small in perimeter, complex or simple in design we can offer the right electric fence solution to suit your needs.

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