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Top 10 safety benefits of pet and animal electric fencing

What are the safety benefits of pet and animal electric fencing?

Pet and animal fencing is a crucial component of responsible pet ownership and animal management. From preventing escapes to providing safe play areas, learn about the top 10 safety benefits of pet and animal electric fencing and how it can help keep your pets and animals safe and secure.

1. Containment:
The primary safety benefit of pet and animal fencing is containment. Electric Fencing helps to keep pets and animals within a safe and secure area, preventing them from wandering off and getting into potentially dangerous situations.

2. Protection from predators:
Electric Fencing can also provide protection from predators, such as wild animals or stray dogs, which can pose a threat to pets and livestock.

3. Preventing escapes:
Electric Fencing can prevent pets from escaping and getting lost, which can be particularly important in areas with heavy traffic or other hazards.

4. Eliminating exposure to toxins:
Electric Fencing can prevent pets and animals from accessing areas that may contain toxic substances, such as pesticides or herbicides.

5. Reducing risk of injury:
Electric Fencing can reduce the risk of injury to both pets and humans by providing a clear boundary between animals and potentially dangerous areas, such as swimming pools or busy roads.

6. Avoiding conflicts with neighbours:
Electric Fencing can help to prevent conflicts with neighbours over animals wandering onto their property or causing damage to their gardens or landscaping.

7. Avoiding nuisance behaviour:
Electric Fencing can prevent pets from engaging in nuisance behaviour, such as barking excessively or digging holes.

8. Separating animals:
Electric Fencing can be used to separate different types of animals, such as dogs and cats, to prevent fights or other conflicts.

9. Providing a safe play area:
Electric Fencing can provide a safe and enclosed play area for pets and animals, allowing them to exercise and play without the risk of getting lost or injured.

10. Peace of mind:
Electric Fencing provides pet owners and animal caretakers with peace of mind, knowing that their pets and animals are safely contained and protected.

Will a cattle electric fence hurt a dog?

If used correctly an electric fence energiser that can contain cattle can be used for dogs too. It all has to do with the overall power rating of the electric fence energiser or controller. While an electric fence energiser could potentially hurt or more accurately cause great discomfort to a dog if overpowered, depending on the strength of the electric current and the type of electric fence. Higher powered electric fence energisers are designed to contain large animals, such as cows or horses, and the voltage they produce can be much stronger than the voltage required to contain smaller animals, like dogs. Electric fence energisers with a power rating of 0.5 Joule or 5km will generally safely control most of the these small and larger animal types with no issues whatsoever. If you have an energiser already and are unsure if it is too powerful, keep in mind any higher numbers like for eg: 3.0 Joules or 30km energisers are significantly more powerful and will deliver a harsher jolt or shock. While this lager energiser would result in a far more significant experience generally there would be no long lasting side effects or injuries caused from minimal contact.

To prevent harm to dogs, it is important to use a suitable electric fence designed for containing pets and smaller animals. These types of fences typically produce a lower voltage than cattle electric fences, and are designed to deliver a less powerful shock that is still effective at deterring animals. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the electric fence is installed correctly and that it is properly maintained to ensure that it is safe for both pets and livestock.

Top 10 safety benefits of pet and animal electric fencing 1
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