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Nemtek 200m x Poly Braid Ultra 6mm Mix11 Black

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Nemtek’s Poly Braid Ultra 6mm Mix11 is a heavy duty braided electric fence wire widely used for its higher durability, smoother contact surface, higher electrical conductivity and superior overall strength for animal electric fencing. Nemtek poly braid Ultra 6mm Mix11 contains a mix of stainless steel and highly conductive wires allowing the energiser to power a much longer fence reducing the need for additional energizers.

Nemtek Poly Braid Ultra 6mm Mix11 Features:

  • Super Conductive for longer temporary or semi permanent electric fencing applications
  • Heavy Duty design allows for greater resistance to wear and tear over lightly constructed poly wires and poly tapes.
  • Mixed metal tinned copper with stainless steel wires for higher electrical conductivity
  • Easily rolled on to a windup reel for collection.
  • Doesn’t kink when winding like polytape protecting the integrity of the metal strands
  • Winds up easier than poly tape
  • Great for use in an electric fence system that needs to be portable and movable or semi permanent

Nemtek Poly Braid Ultra 6mm Mix11 Specifications:

  • Roll Length: 200m roll
  • Construction: 8 x 0.20mm stainless steel and 3 x 0.25mm high conductive strands
  • Material: UV stabilised polymer fibres
  • Blue and black construction
  • Max distance: 10km in ideal conditions
  • Resistance: 110 Ohms/km
  • Strength: 225kg ยฑ 10%

To compare Nemtek electric fence poly wires and tapes please see page 22 of the Nemtek Agri Au Brochure

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 27 × 22 × 22 cm


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