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Thunderbird Thundertape Poly Tape 12mm x 200m Roll EF-48

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Thunderbird Thundertape is a versatile poly tape for either temporary electric fences or permanent electric fence set ups. Featuring superb visibility it lets everyone know where the electric fence boundary is instantly.

Thunderbird Thundertape Features

  • Great for strip grazing
  • Highly visible red and white warning colours
  • Mixed metals for greater shock down the fence line
  • Fences further than standard polytapes and cords

Thunderbird Thundertape Specifications

  • Roll Length: 200m
  • Width: 12mm
  • Metal strands:ย  CU + SS
  • Polymer Strands: U.V. Stabilised
  • Colours: white / red

Thunderbird Electric Fence Hot Tape & Poly Wire Specifications

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 30 cm


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