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What is an electric fence energiser?

What is an electric fence energiser?

An electric fence energiser or energizer (U.S.) is the control unit for an electric fence system. An electric fence energiser has two main functions:
1. Control the pulse of on the electric fence (on average pulse of 1.5 seconds for standard energisers)
2. Control the power (usually measured in volts) put onto the live electric fence wires. The electric fence energiser will take power from various sources (battery with solar panels, battery only or mains/household power) and convert it to a safe and timed electric fence pulse that it sends out along the hot or live wires seeking out an animal or object to allow it to return to earth as all electricity wants to.

Once it has found an animal there will be a short flow of safe electrical current that passes through the body of the animal and into the ground. When this happens the electrical current flows over the muscles of the animal making them sharply contract, this creates an unpleasant but non harmful reaction that is generally described as the “BOOT” of an electric fence ๐Ÿ˜€

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