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Electric Fence Regulations for Australia

  • For local laws,regulations and restrictions pertaining to the use and installation of electric fences or electric fencing in your area please seek the advice of your local council.
  • Please take note of any safety instructions and advice on the product packaging or in any instructional manuals of any purchased products.
  • Please make sure the products you buy are designed for Australian conditions and meet Australian standards. Many items like energisers purchased from marketplaces like Ebay and Amazon do not meet Australian Standards and could potentially, and without question have a greater chance of becoming a danger to both people and animals alike. 

All electric fence products sold by Big Red Fencing meet or exceed Australian standards.

General requirements for electric fences in Australia

Excerpt from Nemtek Australia: Nemtek Instruction Manual

  • Electric fences shall be installed and operated so that they cause no electrical hazard to persons, animals or their surroundings.
  • Electric fence constructions which are likely to lead to the entanglement of animals or persons shall be avoided.
  • An electric fence shall not be supplied from two different energizers or from independent fence circuits of the same energizer.
  • For any two different electric fences, each supplied from a different energizer with independent timing, the distance between the wires of the two electric fences shall be at least 2.5m. If this gap is to be closed, this shall be affected by means of electrically non conductive material or an isolated metal barrier.
  • Barbed wire or razor wire shall not be electrified by an energizer.
  • Electric fences and their ancillary equipment shall be installed, operated and maintained in a manner that minimizes danger to persons, and reduces the risk of persons receiving an electric shock unless they attempt to penetrate the physical barrier, or are in a secure area without authority.
  • Exposed conductive parts of the physical barrier shall be effectively earthed.
  • A spacing of 2.5m shall be maintained between non insulated electric fence conductors or non insulated connecting leads supplied from different energizers. This spacing may be less where conductors or connecting leads are covered by insulating sleeving, or consist of insulated cables, rated to at least 10kV.
    • This requirement need not apply where the separately energized conductors are separated by a physical barrier, which does not have any openings greater than 50mm.
  • A vertical separation of not less than 2m shall be maintained between pulsed conductors fed from different energizers.
  • Ensure that all ancillary equipment connected to the electric fence circuit provides a degree of isolation between the fence circuit and the supply mains equivalent to that provided by the energizer. Protection from the weather shall be provided to the ancillary equipment unless this equipment is certified by the manufacturer as being suitable for use outdoors, and is of a type with a minimum degree of protection IPx4.
  • Connecting leads that are run inside buildings shall be effectively insulated from the earthed structural parts of the building. This may be achieved by using insulated high voltage cable.
  • Connecting leads that are run underground shall be run in a conduit of insulating material or else insulated high voltage cable shall be used. Care shall be taken to avoid damage to the connecting leads due to external factors.
  • Connecting leads shall not be installed in the same conduit as the mains supply wiring, communication cables or data cables.
  • Connecting leads and electric fence wires shall not cross above overhead power or communication lines.

Electric Fence Warning Signs

  • Any part of an electric fence which is installed along a public road or pathway shall be identified at frequent intervals by prominently placed warning signs securely fastened to the fence posts or firmly clamped to the fence wires.
  • The size of the warning signs shall be at least 100mm x 200mm. The background colour of both sides of the warning plate shall be yellow.
  • The inscription on the plate shall be in black.
  • The warning sign shall typically appear as depicted in the figure below. The inscription shall be indelible, inscribed on both sides of the warning plate, and have a height of at least 25mm.
  • Warning signs shall be placed at;
    • each gate
    • each access point
    • intervals not exceeding 10m
    • adjacent to each sign relating to chemical hazards for the information of emergency services.
  • Gates in electric fences shall be capable of being opened without the person receiving an electric shock.
  • Mains supply wiring shall not be installed in the same conduit as signaling leads associated with the electric fence installation.
  • Where an electric fence passes below bare power line conductors, the highest metallic element shall be effectively earthed for a distance of not less than 5m on either side of the crossing point.
  • Crossings with overhead power lines shall be avoided wherever possible. If such a crossing cannot be avoided, it shall be made underneath the power line and as nearly as possible at right angles to it.
  • If connecting leads and electric fence wires are installed near an overhead power line, the clearances shall not be less than those shown in the table below.
    • Power Line Voltage – Clearance
    • Equal or less than 1kV – 3 meter
    • Greater than 1kV, but equal or less than 33kV – 4 meter
    • Greater than 33kV – 8 meter
  • If connecting leads and electric fence wires are installed near an overhead power line, their height above the ground shall not exceed 3m.
    • This height applies either side of the orthogonal projection of the outermost conductors of the power line on
      the ground surface, for a distance of:
      • 2m for power lines operating at a nominal voltage not exceeding 1kV
      • 15m for power lines operating at a nominal voltage exceeding 1kV


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