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JVA Wood Post Claw Insulator x Bag of 25

$11.25 Inc GST

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The JVA Wood or Timber Post Claw Type Electric Fence Insulator is made from heavy duty, UV stabilised plastic to suit Australian electric fencing conditions.

JVA Wood Post Claw Insulator Features:

  • Bag of 25
  • UV protected
  • Easy to slide fence wire into the ‘claw’
  • No messing around with pins
  • Opposing claw grip ensures wire is securely held
  • Can be nailed screwed or stapled to wooden fence posts
  • Popular insulator for agricultural fences, especially in Tasmania and Victoria where wooden intermediate posts are common
  • Claw design makes it easy to fit the live wire into the insulator
  • No need to thread the insulators onto the wire before tying off
Weight .25 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 5 cm


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