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Nemtek Star Picket Claw Insulator Bag of 25

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The Nemtek Electric Fence Star Picket Claw Insulator quickly and easily fits to any star picket making it ideal for quick and easy electric fence set ups. The easy to use claw eliminates the need to secure the wire, braid or tape with an extra pin saving time when moving your electric fence often.

Nemtek Star Picket Claw Insulator Features:

  • Large double shielded tracking fins to reduce arcing
  • Quick fit easy to use design
  • Easy to replace when required
  • Still hold wire, tapes and braids securely
  • Excellent for overnight horse yards and temporary holding paddocks

Nemtek Star Picket Claw Insulator Specifications

  • Bag of 25
  • UV stabilised HDPE
  • Operating temperature: -40o to 80 Celsius
  • Operating voltage: 0 -12KV
  • Recycling: SPI resin code 2
  • Insulator – Picket – Black – Clip
Weight .042 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 8 cm


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