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Nemtek Pet 3 – 3km Mains or Battery Powered Energiser

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The Nemtek Pet 3 Electric Fence Energizer is a low power, safe, DIY Pet Energiser, which can be used to keep your pets where you want them. The pet energiser delivers an electric shock, which is not pleasant but is a safe shock and is usually well remembered by the pet. The pet gets to know which areas are off limits by identifying that the poly wire is the barrier and therefore it knows not to enter. Once the pet is familiar with the fence wire, the fence can then in many instances be turned off.

Nemtek Pet 3 Energiser Features:

  • Powers up to 3 km of fence (applies to optimal fence conditions)
  • Robust weather resistant system
  • Adaptable mounting options (wall, fence wire or wooden post)
  • Powered by battery (sold separately) or mains power
  • Mains power adaptor and 12V Battery leads Included
  • Lightning protection

Nemtek Pet 3 Specifications:

  • Output energy max 0.3J (stored energy 0.5J)
  • Output voltage open circuit 7.5kV
  • Output voltage @1000Ohms 4.0kV
  • Output voltage @500Ohms 3.0kV
  • Power source: Battery 12Vdc, Power supply 12Vdc or 3Watt Nemtek solar panel and battery
  • IP rating 54
  • Dimensions: H 190 X W 115 X D 76mm

Nemtek Pet 3 instruction manual download link

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 12 × 8 cm

2 Years

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