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Thunderbird B120 – 15km 12v Battery Powered Electric Fence Energiser B-120

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The Thunderbird B120 15km 12v Battery Powered Electric Fence Energiser is one of the great versatile All-rounders. With multiple powering options, the Thunderbird B120 Energiser can be powered out of the box with any 12V battery and has the ability to be solar/battery powered or powered from a 240V mains adaptor (both sold separately). The Thunderbird B120 is ideal for strip grazing, cell grazing, temporary electric fences, temporary holding/overnight yards or where easy to control animals like horse, cattle, dogs & pets are concerned.

Thunderbird B120 15km 12v Battery Powered Electric Fence Energiser Features

  • Coated electronics protected from moisture and insects
  • Pulse and Low Battery indicator lights
  • Reliable – Designed to operate in the harshest Australian conditions
  • Versatile – Powered by 12 volt battery (out of the box), optional solar panel or optional A.C. Mains adaptor
  • Easily hangs on hot wire or tape, or can be screwed to a post
  • Comes with 12 volt D.C. Battery lead, fence wire lead and earth stake lead
  • Modular design
  • Microchip controlled for reliability and high performance

Thunderbird B120 Model Specifications :

  • Stored Joules: 1.5J
  • *Distance 15 km
  • Output: 8.7 kV
  • Output @ 1000 ohms: 6.7 kV
  • Power Usage: 105mA

Developed to deliver reliable high performance animal control, at an affordable price

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Thunderbird Electric Fence Stockist

After developing a range of agricultural weighing systems and electric fence energisers, Thunderbird Ag moved their focus to the electric fence market in 1990 and has been Australia’s most progressive agricultural weighing and electric fence company in both market growth and product development since. This is due to their in-house tooling and die manufacturing teams working alongside the team of electronic design engineers. Their formula delivers the best level of compatibility for all product components with consistent quality at the most affordable price.

Australian Made Electric Fence Supplies:
As an Australian manufacturer, Thunderbird understands the harsh environmental conditions which their products are subjected to. They have gained the knowledge to develop products that perform at a highly reliable standard even under these testing Australian conditions.

Thunderbird Ag is totally committed to the research and development. This ensures continued product development and improvement in performance, enabling them to remain a leaders within the electric fence supply industry.

Thunderbird has been an award winning supplier of Electric Fence and Agricultural Weighing products over a number of years.

2012 – AIRR National Supplier of the Year – fodder, conservation, seed & fencing
2009 – CRT National Supplier of the Year – logistics & distribution
2005 – CRT Supplier of the Year – general products

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 40 × 25 × 7 cm


2 Years


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